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The Learning Tree - Parent Testimonials

The Learning Tree - Holiday Party

“What we CAN do is…”

Too often childcare centers have a set of policies and procedures that dictate what parents can and cannot do. Here at The Learning Tree, we pride ourselves on saying what we CAN do. We take each parent’s request and accommodate it to the best of our ability. If you need something… just ask and we will do what we can.

Learning Tree Child Care

Offsite Field Trips

Once children have reached the age of four they may venture out of our center and experience the world we live in. From the zoo to local museums, we do it all!


You are invited to…

Parent Breakfasts

Twice a year we invite the families of our children to the center for a homemade breakfast. Pancakes, egg casserole and fruit salad are some of the favorite dishes our families share. This is a favorite Learning Tree tradition. It is a valuable time for you to get a small glimpse into your child’s day and have the opportunity to talk to other families. Many of our parents have established lasting relationships with other families that began at these very breakfasts.

Classroom Holiday Celebrations
Classroom Holiday Celebrations
If there is a reason for a celebration then we are having one! Spring, Valentine’s Day, July 4th… we love to celebrate. Classrooms have a yummy, nutritious snack, games, special arts and crafts and much more. Of course you are always invited to join in on the fun.

Annual Art Gallery

One of our biggest events of the year is our Annual Art Gallery. Our center transforms into a beautiful Art Gallery as children create unique masterpieces and put them on display for all to see.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Party

Moms and Dads are the most important people in a child’s life so we find it necessary to celebrate YOU. The Fridays before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we take some time to make you a present, cook some delicious food and plan some super fun activities for the whole family.

Family Holiday Party

Probably our largest event of the year is our Family Holiday Party. Each and every December our centers transform into a Winter Wonderland for one evening. Good food is prepared, songs are sung and memories are made. The big guy himself, Santa Claus, stops by from the North Pole to take a picture with each child. Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins come to join in on the festivities.


We are here for our families. Just like the mailman through rain, sleet, snow or hail, we are here. Just because it is snowing in Michigan does not mean that you do not have to go to work. So we made the commitment long ago to stay open no matter what. Since The Learning Tree opened its doors in 1982, we are proud to say we have never closed due to inclement weather.

Daily Emails

Learning TreeCommunication is the KEY to a successful school/home relationship. We know that parents want to know that their children are having a great day while they are at school. You want to know what they are doing and how they are doing. So we make it easy. Everyday you will receive an email that describes how their day is going- what art project they did, what book they read, what special activities they are doing, what they ate and any other important information. This gives you pertinent information that will allow the conversation around the dinner table to be more than “uh huh” and “I don’t know”.

Illness Policy during Non-Flu Season

During the non flu season we loosen the reigns on our illness policy to be individualized for each child. Before a child is sent home, we look at a number of contributing factors, such as weather, eating habits and general behavior. We know that you have a very busy work schedule so we do our best to keep your little one at school as long as possible.

Family Conferences

Family conferences are held twice a year and provide you with information about your child’s development, how they are progressing, and where they are headed. By using assessments and portfolios, you can see concrete evidence of your child’s progress. Of course, you are more than welcome to request a conference at any time throughout the year.

Parents as Partners

We are in this together. A strong relationship between parent and teacher has many benefits. The Learning

 Tree wants you to be as involved as you want to be. We encourage you to ask questions, participate in classroom activities and continue the curriculum at home.

Family Communication Board

Outside each classroom is a Family Communication Board. On the Family Communication Board we post important information about that class that both current parents and prospective parents find useful: lesson plans, classroom newsletters, menus, monthly calendars, Lanterns and teacher’s bios.

How can we be better?

This is a question we ask our families regularly and we have been amazed at the responses. The hot and cold water you see at our coffee stands, the natural air fresheners and flexible scheduling are just a few of the suggestions that we have taken to heart.

Value family’s income/All Inclusive

Learning TreeA family will find not find any hidden fees at The Learning Tree. A once a year enrollment fee and their weekly tuition is the only money they have to pay. No extra costs for field trips or parties. We don’t collect money for art supplies or new toys for the room. You know up front what you need to pay and that is it!


Every month a new edition of our monthly newsletter, The Lantern, is both emailed to you and is available at the center. From important child care articles, to pictures of our last celebration, our Lanterns have it all. The favorite section of the Lantern, no doubt, is the instructions for a creative art project that each family can do at home. As an added bonus, all the items needed to complete that art project are available to you in the lobby.

Enrichment Programs and Added Services

Soccer on Monday and Wednesday, dance class on Thursday, haircuts on Saturday morning, Christmas pictures Sunday night… whew! When do parents have time to spend quality time with their kids? We’ve got it covered! Haircuts? Check… offered once a month at each center. Pictures? Check… offered at least twice a year. Enrichment Programs? Check… every semester we add new ones to our roster. Several times a year The Learning Tree even has extended hours so YOU can enjoy a date night without the kiddos!

Our Door is Always Open

The Learning Tree is proud to have an open door policy for our families. This means that you are welcome for a visit no matter what the day or time. We love when parents come to visit on their lunch break or stay for breakfast in the morning. Visiting our center will give you great insight on your child’s day!

Birthday Parties… Learning Tree Style!

We love birthdays and we love celebrating with your child on their big day. When your child’s birthday arrives we go out of our way to make them feel like the most important person… games are played, the classroom is decorated and birthday books are read. Your child will get to pick a healthy birthday treat to cook with their friends in the classroom- from homemade popsicles to yogurt parfaits with organic berries and dark chocolate chips- they have lots of yummy choices. Special birthday tablecloths and ceramic party plates are saved just for these occasions. Of course your child’s favorite part will be the birthday crown that they get to wear throughout the day showing everyone that it is their birthday!

Support Our Families

Like the army we want to be all we can be! We want a family to join us when their new born is 6 weeks old and stay with us until they are 13. At The Learning Tree they can do that. We provide care for all ages- from itty bitty babies until they are a school ager who needs transportation to their elementary school. We want to be part of your family from the beginning.