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Teachers Are Facilitators Of Learning

The Learning Tree - Teacher Testimonial

The Learning Tree is comprised of 100 talented individuals who bring their creativity, skills and passion to work each day. Each play a critical role in ensuring that we provide the very best care to you and your children. The spirit of caring is shared by each member of The Learning Tree family- from our owner to our directors to our teachers. Although we all have very different roles, we all contribute to make our center unique.

Invested in Growth

Not only do we want your children to grow and learn every day but we want that for our teachers as well. We want to see them succeed. We believe in a career ladder. It is our goal to provide employees with the opportunity to grow and flourish within the company. Want proof? Our administrative team consists of 8 dedicated individuals who worked themselves up though the ranks- all starting their careers with The Learning Tree as teachers. We want to support our teachers in their career endeavors and help them achieve their goals. We are committed to developing our future leaders!


Equipping teachers to be the best they can be is essential in job satisfaction. We strive to provide ongoing training to our teachers that allow them to expand their knowledge of child care. We do our best to provide them with ongoing training to ensure that they are comfortable and prepared to do their job. Opportunities for ongoing training occur weekly and come in many forms: meetings, conferences, reading material, DVD’s, online and hands on experiences.

Fully Stocked Classrooms

Books, art supplies, educational materials- you name it… each classroom has it! By having a room equipped with all the essentials teachers are able to do their job fully and teach the children easily with everything they need at their fingertips.

Communication and Input

We value and respect teachers opinions and input. We believe very strongly in a YES mentality with our families and with our teachers. We work very hard to make sure each teacher is happy with their job.


Learning Tree Child CareWe believe that furthering formal education is one of the best things a teacher can do for their career and for themselves. While we believe this we also understand that this is not always financially feasible. That is why we are proud to offer our teachers a tuition reimbursement program. This allows our teachers to attend early childhood college classes at a fraction of the price.

Lesson Plans

Teachers are busy people. They do not have a nine to five job. When they punch out at the end of night their jobs do not stop. They are busy… wondering. Wondering about if little Tommy’s fever broke after his mom picked him up, thinking about if Anna’s dad will remember that his Family Conference is tomorrow and planning tomorrow’s art project. We understand that their life is busy and we do our best to value their time. Every week Head Teachers are given one hour of paid planning time. This time is used to prepare lesson plans, cut out art projects and get activities ready for the following week. We have an extensive resource library as well as internet access so they can creatively plan.


The Learning Tree prides itself in offering our teachers a substantial benefit package, including health insurance with vision and dental, 401K with company match, paid vacation time and personal time and paid birthday day off.