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School Age

The Learning Tree

Our School Age Program is designed to meet the needs of children who are currently attending elementary education classes at an outside public or private school. This program is designed to meet the needs of children six to thirteen years.

Parent Information Boards are posted in each classroom to ensure parents are kept up to date on a weekly basis. Posted on this board are lesson plans, menus, information on upcoming events, etc. As the Learning Tree provides transportation to and from school, an additional board will communicate transportation information.

Bus Transportation
Bus transportation to and from your child's school is available during the school year. All of our bus drivers hold a Michigan Chauffeurs License and have been trained in proper vehicle safety. All of our vehicles are equipped with first aid kits and cell phones. Your child's school schedule and emergency card are always carried when picking up or dropping off your child. At the beginning of the school year our drivers communicate with your child's school to designate a safe and appropriate pick up and drop off area for children attending The Learning Tree.


The curriculum for the School-Age Program differs as the children spend most of their time at school. Goals for the School-Age Program include:

  • Providing quiet area for homework and study after school
  • Be available to help encourage children with their class work
  • Provide children with games that introduce the concept of strategy
  • Encourage children to make classroom rules to develop accountability
  • Provide children with games that teach mathematics and reasoning skills
  • The School-Age Program also participates in off-site field trips when schools are on holiday breaks. Popular destinations include: swimming, bowling, roller-skating and visits to the Science Center