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Our Infant Program is designed to meet the individual needs and scheduling of infants six weeks to 12 months.

InfantsEach day you will receive an information sheet regarding your infant's activities. Upon arrival each morning, you will have the opportunity to fill out the first section of the information sheet. This provides you with an organized way to leave any special notes or instructions for our staff. During the day, staff will make notes on the information sheet about how your infant has eaten, sleep patterns, toileting issues and other noteworthy information. The sheet is yours to take home each day.

The Infant Program curriculum at The Learning Tree is developmentally appropriate. We use specific guidelines for what activities are appropriate for each stage of development. Staff will also take into consideration each infant's individual personality, temperament, and stage of development. Lesson plans are individualized for each baby. Our daily program has activities that will allow your infant time to grow, as well as explore, experiment, discover and play. Our Infant Curriculum goals are as follows:

Infant Program

  • To provide infants with many one-on-one, face-to-face interactions. All interactions are characterized by gentle and supportive responses
  • To foster infants with a positive identity, and sense of well-being by rocking, holding and cuddling
  • To allow infants to achieve mastery of their bodies through self-initiated motor skills such as rolling, sitting, standing, etc.
  • To encourage infants to think, reason, question and experiment.  One way to encourage this is to provide simple toys that respond to infant's initiations, so they may witness cause and effect
  • To encourage language and literacy development
  • To enhance physical development skills by allowing infants to move comfortably and by providing open carpeted areas and low, sturdy furniture
  • To provide regular outdoor experiences
  • To encourage creative expression through music, activities & art
  • To incorporate routine tasks such as eating, diapering, etc., as a means for furthering an infant's learning, self-help and social skills