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South Lyon Family Praise

"The Learning Tree Child Care Center South Lyon has been a wonderful place of experience for my daughter. Upon moving to the South Lyon area, a newsletter advertisement arrived in my mailbox that introduced The Learning Tree. After my careful examination of the facility and learning how they focus on child care, both my daughter and I felt very comfortable being there. The staff have been very helpful and have provided unique, creative functions for the parents to be more involved in seeing their children grow and interact with others. For example, they held a few parent-child breakfast sessions and a visit from Santa during Christmas time.

I feel that The Learning Tree has helped my daughter grow socially and has learned to play creatively. There is a well-defined comfort level knowing that your child is being taken care of while you are at work and even more worthwhile knowing that your child actually enjoys going there. The Learning Tree is a definite asset for all who are looking for a "just like home" place to watch and instruct their children in their precious years of growing."

Sincerely, Theresa H. Digilo,
Mother of Melissa, 3 years

"I wanted you to know how happy I am that Laney is in your classroom.  She comes home every day happy.  I know she enjoys spending her days with you at The Learning Tree.  Before starting in September Laney had never been in a day care environment.  She had always had one-on-one care.  I was very apprehensive starting her in a day care setting, but you helped with our transition. (Especially mine). 

I am certain she is learning things daily with you that she would have not gotten from one-to-one care.  I know everyday when I drop her off she is in good hands.  Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing place for Laney."

With Great Appreciation, Lisa Cyajkowski
Mother of Laney - April 14 2005

"Thank you very much for taking such excellent care of our daughter, Sommer.  She has learned many things at The Learning Tree.  We are amazed at the things she can do at 15 months.  She was just 3 1/2 months when she started out in the Infant room.  Her teachers taught her many things.  It was her first exposure to playing with other infants and we could tell she enjoyed it.  This was very important to us.  We were a little nervous when she moved up to the Toddler room at 12 months.  She is so much smaller than the other toddlers. That wasn't a problem for her because her teachers made sure she fit right in.  Sommer really looks forward to coming to "school" each day.  She is always smiling when we drop her off and happy to see her teachers and friends.  She is also always very happy when we pick her up.  We love getting all of the artwork and seeing the curriculum posted in the classroom. 

It helps us to know what she is learning so we can reinforce it a home.  Your hands-on teaching approach is very comforting.  We have heard of other centers that just "baby-sit" the children and do not really encourage them to learn.  We are glad you're not like that.

Thank you so very much for taking care of Sommer.  You have always given us smiles when we come in and have an enthusiastic tone on the telephone.  We like all of the parent/child functions that are planned and the opportunities that we have to come in and see Sommer in her classroom.  It is also very comforting to know that she is getting well-balanced meals.  The monthly newsletters always have cute pictures and helpful parenting tips.  Keep it up!

Lastly we just want to say what a positive influence you have had on Sommer.  She loves being at school.  We would definitely recommend The Learning Tree center to others.  We feel very comfortable leaving our daughter in such capable and loving hands.   Thank you again for everything!"

Sonny & Tina Kotch
Parents of Sommer - April 15, 2004

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an exceptional daycare center and providing our children with the best care possible when we can not be with them.  We couldn't be more satisfied and pleased with The Learning Tree and it's quality daycare.  My sons are always eager to go to school and participate in all the exciting activities their teachers have planned for them.

We looked at several daycare centers before choosing The Learning Tree.  Many characteristics set off The Learning Tree from other centers.  One thing we liked was the many in house field trips that were planned each month for them.  The monthly parent/child breakfasts that are offered to bring families together.  The Learning Tree's staff is eager to help and provide my children with the extra love and support they need throughout the day.  The curriculum and activities that are prepared on a daily basis by the teachers stimulate and enhance my sons learning.

We would like to thank The Learning Tree staff for providing such wonderful daycare and giving my sons the individualized attention they need."

Sincerely, Brian and Deborah Elliston
Parents of the Elliston Boys - March 2, 2003

"We think you are great!! And we can't thank you enough for being so caring and kind.  The role that each of you play in the life of Emily is HUGE!  During this critical period of development in her life, you are helping to guide her and mold her into the little person she will become.  Because she spends so many hours in your care, you are an enormous part of her life and for your patience and support and smiles... WE THANK YOU!

We commend you for your talents and ability to provide care for Emily and all the infants in The Learning Tree program; it must be very difficult at times.  But we hope their giggles and waves help you get through the long, hard hours and enjoy each day's achievements.  Thank you for the many important tasks you accomplish on a daily basis and always know that you are so very much appreciated!"

Craig and Beth Henderson
Parents of Emily - April 20, 2004