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Livonia South Family Praise

"Although Miss Jeanelle hasn't been Jack's teacher for long, she's been very willing to make him feel welcome and comfortable in his new class and amongst new friends! I have been very impressed with Jeanelle's approach to teaching and the importance she places on parental involvement. I value the creativity she introduces into the daily schedule whether it's through crafts, the question of the day or a weekly theme. By allowing the children the opportunity to bring in their own music, wear their favorite color and document their art projects I can see how the children are learning to express their independence and increase their confidence.

Miss Jeanelle - there's a world of difference between being a good instructor and a passionate and dedicated teacher. The influence you have on our son will be the foundation for his learning and development for years to come. Thank you for all that you do from holding his hand, fostering his creativity, helping him make memories, giving him instruction, setting a good example, smiling when he laughs, listening when he's sharing and loving when he needs caring!"

Thank you! The Mortson Family
Mother and Father of Jack, 3 years

"We have been coming to the Learning Tree for over 5 years now and have enjoyed being a part of your family. All the teachers through the years have been most generous with their time and patience. They are there to lend a hand or an ear when ever it was needed. They are very caring and passionate about their jobs. They give so much of themselves to make sure their kids are enjoying their time while also learning respect for others. My children have learned so much through the years to help them prepare for school and life. The best part has been the consistent staff members who have stayed through thick and thin with all the changes that have come about within the last few years. It's a comfort to know that my kids are in a safe environment when not in school.

Thanks again for all that you do and I wish you and your families the best holiday season."

The Whitney Family,
Dave, Barb, Meghan and Jaime

"We want to take this time and extend our thankfulness on what turned out to be such a wonderful transition from The Learning Tree North to The Learning Tree South. With determination and team work, what could have been a disaster was diverted. The Learning Tree South reflects a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff's smiling faces indicate how proud they are to be a part of this new environment. We know the curriculum has not changed and The Learning Tree South will continue with the great program it has proven to be. We understand there are future changes coming down the path, a playground with play equipment, how exciting! Meanwhile the children are using their imagination to play on the playground, something you don't see often enough. Each classroom indicates such enjoyment with the new and updated toys the children don't seem to miss the old gym. Personal experience has shown that when a child (Jimmy) doesn't want to go home at the end of the day, we know he is part of a good and healthy climate."

Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe
Father and Mother of Jimmy, 8 years