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Livonia North Family Praise

"Where should I start?  I LOVE The Learning Tree!  My husband and I brought in our 2 year old daughter that sat at home with me since birth because she was a preemie.  She was fine physically but behind developmentally.  Within 2 weeks she was walking and getting used to Mommy going to work everyday.  6 months later she is crying when I pick her up because she doesn't want to leave her beloved teachers!  'I love you Jillian' cries can be heard up and down the hallways!  She has structure and follows a curriculum... she is socializing with the other children and hugging her teachers goodbye!  And that is all in addition to her knowing her numbers, letters and colors!"

- Amy Schiffman

"I would like to thank Miss Sue, Miss Ashley and Miss Amanda for taking such good care of little Louie.  Before we chose Learning Tree we looked into many different day cares - we are so happy we chose the Learning Tree.  I know they truly care about my child's well being and are dedicated to teaching them as well as looking after them.  At 4 months old, my son is already learning sign language, having fun with arts and crafts and learning about new things everyday.  Thank you for everything!!"

- Carrie Young

"My Wife and I absolutely love the Learning Tree North!  Our Daughter has been attending the Learning Tree for a year and a half now and we feel blessed that we're able to send her to such a wonderful child care center.  She's currently in Ms. Noreen and Ms. Cathy's classroom, and she has benefited in many ways thanks to their care.  She is constantly learning and growing each and every day.  I truly believe that thanks to Ms. Noreen and Ms. Cathy that our Daughter is ahead of where she should be for her age.  Her speech and desire to learn have benefited so much since she's been in their classroom.

Outside of her classroom, The Learning Tree North has also exceeded our expectations.  We love the healthy meals that they supply, their added safety features and their special events and parties."

- Kevin Kidd

"I would like to take the time to personally thank you and the rest of the staff at the Learning Tree North for all of your hard work and dedication.  Being a first time mom, daycare was a difficult adjustment (for both me and Nicholas).  My husband and I toured various centers throughout the summer in search of the perfect daycare for our son.  After touring your center, we immediately enrolled Nicholas in the toddler classroom.

As an elementary school teacher with an early childhood endorsement, I have extremely high expectations and standards.  I was greatly impressed with the center's thematic lesson plans, nutritious meals, and abundance of activities.  I cannot wait to attend the family celebrations throughout the year and LOVE receiving the daily emails.  I have visited many daycares where the children are rarely seen playing in the outdoor areas.

I could not be more thankful for Ms. Jillian and Ms. Korrine!  I feel comfortable going to work each morning, knowing that I have excellent teachers taking care of my child.  At the end of the day, the teachers give me a full report on Nicholas' day.  Last week, both teachers were just as excited as I was that Nicholas had a wonderful first week of daycare.  I am so thankful they truly care about my son and could not be more appreciative of their compassion, energy, and dedication!

Each night I show Nicholas the pictures that were taken from the day.  When Nicholas sees his classmates on the computer, a big smile appears on his face and he begins to talk to them.  Thank you for providing such a positive environment for our child.  I look forward to growing with you!

- Kristin Kafantaris