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Program Goals

The following are The Learning Tree's overall program goals.

  1. To treat children of all races, religions, family backgrounds, and cultures with equal respect and consideration, and help children develop an awareness and respect of cultural and family differences.
  2. To provide children of both sexes with equal opportunities to take part in all activities.
  3. To foster children's development of age-appropriate self-help skills.
  4. To facilitate the development of responsibility, self-regulation and self-control in children.
  5. To support children's emotional development, assisting them to be comfortable, relaxed and happy.
  6. To recognize and encourage pro-social behaviors among children, such as cooperation, problem solving, respect and concern for others.
  7. To provide frequent, positive, warm interactions between teachers and children.
  8. To provide a daily schedule that offers a balance of activities in consideration of a child's total daily experience.
  9. To provide opportunities for children to develop large and small motor skills through physically active play, both indoors and outdoors.
  10. To provide a balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activity, while limiting the amount of time spent in large group or teacher-directed activities.
  11. To provide materials and equipment appropriate to the age group.
  12. To foster a positive identity and sense of emotional well-being in every child.
  13. To encourage children to think, question, experiment, reason, and explore in a safe and healthy environment.
  14. To encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutritional practices.
  15. To encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts.
  16. To assess the skills and progress of each child and identify strengths, needs or interests of individual children.