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Our Staff

We’re very proud of our teachers and here is why...

We pride ourselves on low-turnover, we’re happy to report that many of our staff have spent most of their careers with us.

Personnel Screening
To ensure the safety of our students, we contract to have police background checks, and Family Independence Agency checks conducted on all prospective employees. If the employee will be driving our vans, we also do a driving record check. All new employees must also present evidence of having completed a current health screening.

What We Offer Our Staff


Having a well-trained staff that is up-to-date on the latest advances in the child care field is important to The Learning Tree administrators. All administration continue their education by either going to school or attending training that offers the latest and greatest child care information.  Here is a list of conferences that we attend:

MIAEYC - Michigan Association of the Education of Young Children- Grand Rapids Conference (every Spring)
4C’s Conference in Howell - Community Sharing for Healthy Living (every November)
NACCP - National Association of Child Care Providers- Directors conference (every Spring)
NCCA - National Child Care Association- Director’s conference (every Spring)

The Learning Tree prides itself in that most teachers and administrators log a set number of hours for outside training and education enrichment. The Learning Tree provides staff with the newest DVDs, books, etc. which highlight everything from new techniques in potty training to ADHD information. We also have a staff resource room with videos, books, and computer training in a wide variety of topics.

Many of our staff members have taken advantage of our tuition reimbursement program and are enrolled at local colleges or have completed their degrees. All of our staff are encouraged to take advantage of our policy of paying for continuing education costs.

Each month, at our head teacher and assistant teacher meetings, we discuss a timely topic such as outdoor safety or Learning Tree regulations. Training videos are also shown and discussed at these meetings. Every other month we conduct training at our staff meetings. We have had leading professionals in their field present workshops on topics such as discipline techniques, brain development, recognizing developmental delays, etc.

Finally, we’re proud of the fact that 80 percent of our staff members are qualified to handle medical emergencies because they have been trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Although the State of Michigan requires that only one on-site staff member be certified, The Learning Tree mandates that all head teachers and school-age staff members be certified and maintain that certification during their employment with us.

Ratio of Teachers to Children

To facilitate more individualized care, we strive for a ratio of teachers to children that is lower than what the State of Michigan mandates for licensing purposes:

  •  6 weeks - 2.5 years (1:4)
  •  Transitional Preschool (1:8)
  •  Preschool (1:10)
  •  Pre-kindergarten (1:12)
  •  Kindergarten Enrichment (1:12)
  •  School Age (1:12)