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How We Clean Our Toys

One of The Learning Tree's core values is that every child deserves a clean, safe, world. We are constantly looking for ways to go green and provide the children in our care with the best possible environment we can. In the spring of 2013, we welcomed a ZONO sanitizer to our center! 

What in the world is a ZONO? Our ZONO machine is a wonderful way to safely sanitize those hard to clean classroom materials. From pillows to books and everything in between they are placed in the ZONO and cleansed with ozone and humidity. This natural way of cleansing is just as effective as bleach and other chemicals without the negative effects of those products!

The best part of the ZONO is the positive health benefits for the children and staff. ZONO allows us to sanitize more of our classroom materials better than we ever could before. We have already seen illness reductions of up to 75% in our centers! 

The Learning Tree is proud to be the first child care center in Michigan to use a ZONO sanitizer and is happy to support a local company. That's right, our ZONO sanitizer was purchased right here in Livonia!  If you haven't seen it for your self yet, make sure to come check it out!